Leadership Team

James Mister

Director, Global Risk Management
OFFICE: New York City
HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY
EDUCATION:  Cornell University, BA, Economics; The Wharton School, MBA; University of Pennsylvania, MA, International Studies
LANGUAGES: English, Portuguese, Spanish

James Mister, Miravet’s global director of hedge advisory, is driven by an insatiable intellectual curiosity, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and an expansive worldview. As a pre-teen, James began a lifelong fascination with the challenge of taking calculated risks with stocks, horses, cards and dice—which he cultivated by studying books and learning all the major casino games. Today, as an amateur poker player, James always enters a game with a clear-minded strategy and a well-defined best and worst case scenario.

James began his career in international banking and has been active in risk management for more than 17 years. He developed his love and expertise in agricultural commodities risk management during his eight years in Brazil. At Miravet, he finds a melding of his personal and professional values. “Our mission is to protect our clients, and I find that to be a noble cause.” An analytical thinker and a natural teacher, James helps clients understand futures, options and other derivative hedging products, and then works with them to develop tailored strategies to mitigate risk. “Managing commodity price risk has direct impact on planning, budgeting and net operating margins,” he says. “Helping clients build their businesses is my job, and I am proud of what I do.”