About Miravet

Miravet is the new risk management firm specializing in commodities. We are innovatorsupending the staid, conventional industry of risk managementby providing innovative solutions and outstanding concierge-like service to discerning clients worldwide. 

With offices across the globe, our hedge advisors work locally and side-by-side with our clients to understand their risk limits, profit models, and market views. We draw upon our deep understanding of markets and our access to proprietary research and data to develop tailored risk management strategies and portfolios to help clients achieve their business goals. 

In the world of commodities, only one thing is certainRisk never ends.™

Miravet does one thing, and we do it better than anyone elseWe manage risk.™

Mission & Values

Miravet, an ancient hilltop fortress in Spain, symbolizes our core mission: to protect our clients. Like our namesake, Miravet provides a unique vantage point, attained by experience, empirical data, and global outlook, which enables us to identify risk swiftly, efficiently, and accurately.

The Miravet fortress also links us to our founders, who trace their history to 19th century Barcelona, and whose spirit of innovation continues to inspire us. As a tribute to their integrity, entrepreneurship and vision, we honor our company with this name.

Leadership & Culture

Miravet boasts the most experienced risk management team in the market space. In addition to delivering exceptional service to our clients, our leadership team is creating a culture of excellence and accountability that permeates everything we do. These are not hollow words—this is our ethos.

We believe in fresh, innovative thinking, so we give everyone a voice at Miravet. New ideas are encouraged and rewarded because our clients deserve the best. And the best is rarely bureaucratic, and never formulaic.